Rules and Guidelines for Parents at Academy Sabres Athletes

The Academy Sports Association is a volunteer organization with no paid staff.  All elected board members, coaches, officials, kitchen and cleanup crew, etc. are volunteers.  Parents are required to volunteer some time for the benefit of the organization.

Don't complain about it! Volunteer! Change it!

It is important for all players to report on time for practices, and to report at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time, unless otherwise instructed by the team coach.

As early as possible, please inform the coach if your child cannot attend any games or practices.

Parents are encouraged not to drop off and leave their younger children (3-6 years old) at practice or games.  Children at these ages are often distracted and need to have a parental presence.  Coaches are volunteering their time to teach the sports programs, not to baby sit.

Verbal or physical abuse of umpires, referees and officials will not be tolerated.  Violators are subject to immediate ejection from the field or gym area, and possible permanent banning from fields or gyms.

The consumption, selling or display of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is not permitted at any events where there is participation of Academy Sabres children.  These events include coaches or team meetings held on Academy Sabres grounds, Pictures and Skill Days, practices, and all games & tournaments (home or away).  This ban extends from the playing fields to the parking areas, and any team transportation.